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Day 5: A Week in the Life of Blake

Day 5 of "A Week In The Life Of Blake" - Fridays are usually off days for us, but today we had a very exciting day, that involved therapy, but didn't feel like work--and it was in large part thanks to the generous support we've received from you guys! Today, Blake had her first Hippo (horse) therapy appointment! She LOVED it! (I had to wake her up, and found her asleep on her tummy.


I'm thankful that she still has enough mobility and coordination to turn herself over. It may sound silly, but it's little things like this that I'm thankful for and try not to take for granted.) From the research we've done, Hippo and water therapy are both very effective for Rett girls. We are working on finding a pool for water therapy, but had an immediate connection through another PT, Sandra, at High Hopes, for Hippo therapy. Mrs. Sandra is awesome, and she also works at Saddle Up! here in town. We met her there today for B's first session.


Horse therapy helps kids increase physically skills (core strength, muscle tone, balance etc), social skills and communication skills--see video I'm about to post. A horse's movement most closely mimics a human gait, so it allows Blake to experience the sensation of walking with a normal gait as she rides (pretty cool). As Blake works to maintain balance in response to the horse's motion, her muscles are toned, stretched and strengthened as if she were sitting, standing, walking and reaching on her own. After Blake rode today, Sandra did some PT work with her (and Andi ).


I'm posting a video after this that captured a very special moment--that Ben and I may or may not have watched about 25 times today! She was so happy the whole time we were there, and we talked about it, and Pedro the horse, all day...Blake would just smile . Afterwards, we took a trip to Whole Foods, danced to some music in the car and headed home for a late lunch (Blake is wearing her weighted gloves to work on strengthening as she eats/plays). We all went down for naps today--But, Blake just rested. I think she was hyped up from her exciting morning.


This evening we went for a family run/stroll, picked up take out and enjoyed a relaxing family evening, no work, just play. B watched a little Yo Gabba before her early bedtime. It was a fun, exciting and rewarding day...Best day I've had in awhile, because my girl was truly happy and I could see it in her eyes. Happy Friday everybody!

Day 5 - "A Week In The Life Of Blake"(contd.)- Here is a snip it of Blake at Hippotherapy...I've watched it over and over. Mrs. Sandra tells her Pedro has stopped and asks if she wants more. She tells her, "Tell him to go!" and then signs it to her. Watch as B "tells" him to go. This is such a special moment to me! I'm so thankful for technology!

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