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Blake, Before and After the Effects of Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome is characterised by normal development in the first 6-12 months of life, often with no warning signs.   This is followed by a rapid regression phase between the ages of 1 -3.  During this phase, there is loss of fine and gross motor skills including purposeful use of hands, uncontrollable arm movements or hand wringing, loss of speech/communication skills and more.  This is followed by a second regression phase you can read more about here.


Blake After

Blake Before

Blake is about 15 months here.  Watch as she turns the pages, babbles, and points at the pictures in her book.  She now needs assistance holding her books and turning the pages.

Blake is almost 3 here.  Watch as she tries so hard to hold the coins, and put them in her new piggy bank toy.  She's been working on this in occupational the very end she finally does it by herself!!  

Watch as Blake excitedly plays peek-a-boo with her Daddy and rolls around on the couch.  She cannot use her hands to cover her eyes now, and she's lost the ability to roll herself over.

Blake loved playing "Steam-roller" when she was young. Watch as she rolls all over the place on my command.  She now has difficulty processing directions quickly, and needs assitance to roll over and to crawl.

Blake is 3.5 here, on her adaptive trike from Music City Trykes. Her hands and feet have to be velcroed onto the handles and pedals.  Watch as she thinks about it for a little while, but finally pedals herself!!

Blake is 3.5 here.  Watch as she learns to sit and stand with minimal assistance.  This keeps her legs strong and mobile, and works to maintain coordination.  She does it all by herself after a little practice!!

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