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Ways to Contribute:

If you would like to contribute directly to Blake's therapies and  medical expenses, please visit our Go Fund Me site by clicking here

Are you an Amazon shopper?  If so, please click here  and a proceed from your order will be given to Rett Research Fund.  It is that simple! 



Or Let Us Work For You:

One way we’ve been blessed to offset some of the therapy and “life” costs is to provide quality hand built furniture, mainly headboards and beds, from my small garage wood shop Re:Born Furniture.   Over the 3 years of being in business we’ve sold 130 beds all over the country and have shipped to every lower 48 state except WV, the Dakotas, and Iowa.   Would love to make it a full 48!


Please visit my shop by clicking here  to find out more.  Or, shoot me an email for more information!  


One of the ways we care for Blake and our family is through the use of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  I was introduced to these oils around the time we were told to avoid Tylenol and other OTC medications when caring for Blake.  


We were amazed to learn of the natural, pure, healing qualities of essential oils and quickly implemented them into Blake's daily routine as well as our own.  They are now our primary method of treatment for most of our ailments.  I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA oils and I teach others how to use them to care for their family naturally.  Click here to visit my retail website, and feel free to email me at if you have additional questions or would like to visit or host a class.  Thanks and happy oiling! 





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