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Day 1: A Week in the Life of Blake

Mondays are our Physical and Occupational Therapy days. We LOVE Lauren (PT) and Sara (OT)! Today, Blake worked with Lauren on steps, kneeling and swinging. If B has enough time to think about it, she'll lift her right leg to step up as long as she is holding Lauren's hand. She's done it with one hand support before, and we get really excited about that! B loves to swing, it gives her body the vestibular input it needs. Basically, she has a hard time understanding where her body is in space. Her senses are not integrated like yours or mine--she does not process sight, touch, balance etc easily or quickly so her world can be very frightening. And, the way she sees her world can change from day to day; Some days the step may look 1in tall, others it may look 1ft tall. Swinging, not only gives her the vestibular input she craves, it also calms her, helps her organize her senses AND helps her learn to hang on with her hands while sitting cross-legged, which is not natural or easy for her. I am very proud of her today because she used both hands to hold onto the swings! The "horse" swing is new, so she wasn't so sure about it, but she held on with "righty". We don't see her use "lefty" much, but she will on the swing!

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(Sara was out today so we stayed and swang for awhile after PT--we'll post pics of OT stuff later ;)) After therapy, we head home for lunch and naps--and visited with Aunt Kat Kat who came to town for a bit. We also took a stroll and worked on going up and down the hill in our neighborhood. She went up and down all by herself. I caught a shot of her holding her hand out for a "high five" . Dinner, Daddy time and our nightly bedtime routine (more on this later) rounded out the day.

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